OurServicesUsing her proven, proprietary methodology and AR procedural knowledge developed from over a decade of third-party administration experience, Amy can assist your medical practice with all or any of the following optimization services:

  • Conduct a Work Flow Analysis and Develop a Process Improvement Plan
    With the goal of maximizing productivity and efficiency among your staff, as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses in your revenue cycle and options for reducing unnecessary expenses.

  • Provide Hiring Assistance
    In order to help build your ideal administrative staff, including front and back office, as well as your office managers and administrators.

  • Conduct a Reimbursement Analysis
    Execute a deep dive into your reimbursement activity with a comprehensive analysis by payer mix, provider, procedure and additional line items to identify and address specific loss channels.

  • Implement Provider Credentialing
    An essential activity to insure reimbursement for medical services and avoid denials and delays.

  • Conduct a Denial Analysis
    Execute a deep dive into insurance denials and recommend a process improvement plan (PIP) to optimize loss prevention.

  • Conduct an AR Status Analysis
    This can be executed as a one-time service or included in a monthly audit in order to identify and address weaknesses/vulnerabilities/losses.